Light up my path O’Lord

I was sitting on the train on my way to work this morning  and I usually doze off and take my mini nap. Waking up everyday at 4:30 AM is not easy and with the soothing sound of the train I tend to lean my head to the side and just close my eyes to take a little breather from the morning chaos, but this morning for some reason I stood up didn’t feel sleepy at all. I’ve been feeling kind of down. Well it’s because I recently put a little notice out on the social media about if anyone is looking to place any orders for baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, etc…) and I haven’t gotten any feedback at all yet and I vented to my husband that maybe I’m just not cut out to do this or maybe no one really likes my baking. Thank you God that he is being so supportive..poor guy even tries to soothe my woes and just tells me to be patient give it time it’ll come around….Love Him for being so understanding with me at times like these.

Any way, as I was sitting in that stuffy train car I was looking around me looking at each person coming in and out of the train at each stop and I noticed one thing that 90% of what everyone was doing and it was RUSHING. Everyone has this look of rush (stress, worry…) pacing looking at their watches and phones to check the time. No sense of peace at all in the atmosphere it was just not a joyous feeling coming from anyone.

Then the word RUSH just stuck in my mind….RUSH?…..why do we all rush so much? I asked in my heart God why do we rush for everything is it even right to be this way? “What does God say about Rush?” I actually stuck this question in GOOGLE search engine and a ton of info came up. I know as a believer that rushing isn’t of God I know because I was raised with it but I feel like I’m not living it though like NOT walking it out because I do rush for many things.  Rushing leads to being easily disappointed, discouraged, selfish, confused, frustrated, worried, and untrusting of God which sums up all to be SINS…this blew my mind. So by being a rush-a-holic it easily lets the enemy take this and run with it and cause complete chaos in your mind. There was so many people in the bible that rushed and it never ever ended completely well…. (ex: Sara and the whole rushing Abraham to have a baby deal…Genesis 16:2, 21 1-14, 15:4-21:21)

While I was thinking of writing this post I realize yeah I want to have my little baking side business up and popping already cause it’s one of my heart desires, but I can not rush it. It has to be up to God’s timing. See I don’t want to do this whole baking deal for just financial gain, yes money helps but money comes and goes and what I want is to use this gift God gave me for his purpose not for my own selfish need or want. I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t align up with what he wants and I just know in my heart that with time and his favor it will come to bloom. Just be patient and trust God because there is always a bigger picture that our minds just can’t grasp.

So seriously lets all just take a moment to stop and ask God to just put his heart desires in our hearts instead and it’s guaranteed all else will fall into place and all worries, frustrations, etc…will melt away like sugar in the rain. We will eventually get to work, school, home without having to rush.

Have a Blessed Day!




I’m leaning on, leaning on…

Good day! Such a beautiful chilly yet sunny morning here in NJ. Thank you God for the warm sun. 🙂 Last night I came home after work and my wonderful Husband surprised me with a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL flowers and my favorite chococlates (which reminds me, wonder if I should have a piece now….lol). We are still newly weds but we’ve known each other since we were Tweens…he never ceases to amaze me how much he does for my family and I. I love him and God couldn’t have chosen any one any better to spend the rest of my life with.

Beautiful Flowers

Lilies, Orchids, Roses….I’m In LOVE

So this morning all I hear is about the presidential debates and it makes me just cringe…I feel blah about it. No matter who wins this year’s election nothing will be changed or become better until Jesus returns back to Earth. I do believe this strongly and I stumbled upon a song that really hit me regarding what is taking place today. I think of who will sit at that white house for the next 4 years and just sometimes feel uncertaintity but I stumbled upon this song and  it really gave me prespective.The song is called “Without You” by Jordan Marcotte:

I was like a house built upon the shifting sand,
unstable you could call me a wavering man,
with no hope and no home I felt all alone,
constantly living in fear of the raging storm-

Without You my life would be shaken,
without You my life would be taken,
Anchor of my soul, Anchor of my soul,
I will not be moved-

Your ear was inclined when You heard my cry,
Your hand was extended to a swallowed up guy,
my pride was my life and my only sure thing,
but sure things don’t last long when the strength is Your own-

Chief Cornerstone You’re strong enough You stand alone, I will not reject You like the builders did in the times of old, I’m leaning on-
When everything around you is shaking and everything around you is moved, what do you do?
You stand, you believe, you trust and you lean, on the rock that is higher-
You are my hope-

He’s a worship leader from IHOP Kansas City (www.ihop-kc.org) I found his album from last year on the bandcamp website (www.jeymarc.bandcamp) and just love the lyrics every song just makes you just want to fall on your face!

But the last part of the song just helps me keep strong and keep praying for the return of our Bridegroom Jesus. We have to just keep our hope and faith on what God is orchestrating even when things are getting bad keep pressing in because remember he wrote this story and he knows the beginning and the end. God always wins!

Now in my Foodie loving world i’m on the hunt for cookie recipes for my husband, he loves any jelly filled or type of cookies so I want to get some recipes to try out and see if he likes any. If I find a good one or two I may even try them for my cookie swap i’m looking forward to next month :). If your interested in a national type of cookie swap take a look at this site: (http://veronicascornucopia.com/2012/10/15/are-you-ready-for-a-cookie-swap/) she’s conducting a project on this.

Hope your day is full of His Love and Joy!




I love this BLOG she has great recipes and I’m excited to participate on her Cookie Swap Project this year…Check out he page!

Veronica's Cornucopia

Last year after I found out about the fabulous Great Blogger Cookie Swap, I organized one for all those that didn’t have blogs but still wanted to participate in a nation-wide cookie swap.  Well we’re back in business, kids!  If you’re a blogger, you can head on over to Love and Olive Oil or The Little Kitchen to get all the details and sign up, but if you’re a non-blogger that would like to participate in a cookie swap, you’ve come to the right place.

This swap will work like last year’s for the most part, and here’s the breakdown:  Sign up.  Get matched to three other participants.  Ship a dozen delicious cookies to each.  Receive a dozen scrum-diddly-upmtious cookies from each of your matches in return.  That’s a whole lotta deliciousness and love being spread throughout the US!

As before, the purpose of my swap is not only to…

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Alone Time

These days have become hard to have alone time. With the full time (8 – 5) job, being a mom and wife 24/7 by the time Thursday rolls around I’m beyond exhausted but I’ve found that no matter how busy you are there is something that you need to do to even get through day after day. It’s your alone time with God. I’ve lately been having these little meetings in the shower. I know you might be thinking WHAT the shower? It’s the only time I’m completely alone and I can pour out my heart. Think about it, you’re in the shower in your most vulnerable state and that’s how God wants you to come to him with your ALL which is stripped down to the heart.  I was praying and worshiping and out came a song and I just love how the words flowed…I wanted to share it. It might sound cheesy but maybe it’ll bless someone, someday.

Here’s my heart O ‘Lord

Take it as a living sacrifice because all I want is You and all I need is You

I want to pour my love at your feet

I want to see your Beauty Jesus

Take this as my living sacrifice O ‘Lord

How long Lord, How long

How long until I see your Face


The Spirit and the Bride say come; the Spirit and the Bride say come

I won’t stop crying out for you until I see you face to face my King.

The Spirit and the Bridge say Come, the Spirit and the Bridge say come

 How long Lord, How long

How long until I see your Face

My heart yearns

My heart burns for my Beloved.

My hubby plays piano so I’m hoping we can add some melody to these lyrics and create a little song. One thing we love in my house is worship. We are always singing or humming it’s funny but it’s our DNA that God put in us all. We each have a heart song.

Most spectacular foodie thing that happen this weekend was I baked “Nutella Lava Brownies” on Saturday and whipped up some “Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes” on Sunday.

"Pumpkin Spice Lattes"

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes

"Super Rich Brownies"

Nutella Lava Brownies

I was craving pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks but man can it be expensive to buy a small cup of Joe now in days. I decided to search the recipe and found many but I pinpointed down to one which I loved that it used pumpkin puree in it instead of that pumpkin flavored syrup. Well it was a huge success I loved the way it came out and I think it will be my new coffee for the season. Oh and the brownies OMGEE my family loved them!

Well have a great and blessed day everyone!



First Hello!

Boston Creme Cupcakes – baked by Eden Flour Patch!

Hello World!

This is my first post. Woo! I’m excited. Well I’m here to share my day-to-day life. Share about what God places in  my heart, and some sweet recipes. I like to try new things in the kitchen. I LOVE baking so much and I pray that some day it will be something that will be my career but also something God will use for his purpose. Feel free to leave a comment.

Blessings XO!