Alone Time

These days have become hard to have alone time. With the full time (8 – 5) job, being a mom and wife 24/7 by the time Thursday rolls around I’m beyond exhausted but I’ve found that no matter how busy you are there is something that you need to do to even get through day after day. It’s your alone time with God. I’ve lately been having these little meetings in the shower. I know you might be thinking WHAT the shower? It’s the only time I’m completely alone and I can pour out my heart. Think about it, you’re in the shower in your most vulnerable state and that’s how God wants you to come to him with your ALL which is stripped down to the heart.  I was praying and worshiping and out came a song and I just love how the words flowed…I wanted to share it. It might sound cheesy but maybe it’ll bless someone, someday.

Here’s my heart O ‘Lord

Take it as a living sacrifice because all I want is You and all I need is You

I want to pour my love at your feet

I want to see your Beauty Jesus

Take this as my living sacrifice O ‘Lord

How long Lord, How long

How long until I see your Face


The Spirit and the Bride say come; the Spirit and the Bride say come

I won’t stop crying out for you until I see you face to face my King.

The Spirit and the Bridge say Come, the Spirit and the Bridge say come

 How long Lord, How long

How long until I see your Face

My heart yearns

My heart burns for my Beloved.

My hubby plays piano so I’m hoping we can add some melody to these lyrics and create a little song. One thing we love in my house is worship. We are always singing or humming it’s funny but it’s our DNA that God put in us all. We each have a heart song.

Most spectacular foodie thing that happen this weekend was I baked “Nutella Lava Brownies” on Saturday and whipped up some “Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes” on Sunday.

"Pumpkin Spice Lattes"

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes

"Super Rich Brownies"

Nutella Lava Brownies

I was craving pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks but man can it be expensive to buy a small cup of Joe now in days. I decided to search the recipe and found many but I pinpointed down to one which I loved that it used pumpkin puree in it instead of that pumpkin flavored syrup. Well it was a huge success I loved the way it came out and I think it will be my new coffee for the season. Oh and the brownies OMGEE my family loved them!

Well have a great and blessed day everyone!




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