I’m leaning on, leaning on…

Good day! Such a beautiful chilly yet sunny morning here in NJ. Thank you God for the warm sun. 🙂 Last night I came home after work and my wonderful Husband surprised me with a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL flowers and my favorite chococlates (which reminds me, wonder if I should have a piece now….lol). We are still newly weds but we’ve known each other since we were Tweens…he never ceases to amaze me how much he does for my family and I. I love him and God couldn’t have chosen any one any better to spend the rest of my life with.

Beautiful Flowers

Lilies, Orchids, Roses….I’m In LOVE

So this morning all I hear is about the presidential debates and it makes me just cringe…I feel blah about it. No matter who wins this year’s election nothing will be changed or become better until Jesus returns back to Earth. I do believe this strongly and I stumbled upon a song that really hit me regarding what is taking place today. I think of who will sit at that white house for the next 4 years and just sometimes feel uncertaintity but I stumbled upon this song and  it really gave me prespective.The song is called “Without You” by Jordan Marcotte:

I was like a house built upon the shifting sand,
unstable you could call me a wavering man,
with no hope and no home I felt all alone,
constantly living in fear of the raging storm-

Without You my life would be shaken,
without You my life would be taken,
Anchor of my soul, Anchor of my soul,
I will not be moved-

Your ear was inclined when You heard my cry,
Your hand was extended to a swallowed up guy,
my pride was my life and my only sure thing,
but sure things don’t last long when the strength is Your own-

Chief Cornerstone You’re strong enough You stand alone, I will not reject You like the builders did in the times of old, I’m leaning on-
When everything around you is shaking and everything around you is moved, what do you do?
You stand, you believe, you trust and you lean, on the rock that is higher-
You are my hope-

He’s a worship leader from IHOP Kansas City (www.ihop-kc.org) I found his album from last year on the bandcamp website (www.jeymarc.bandcamp) and just love the lyrics every song just makes you just want to fall on your face!

But the last part of the song just helps me keep strong and keep praying for the return of our Bridegroom Jesus. We have to just keep our hope and faith on what God is orchestrating even when things are getting bad keep pressing in because remember he wrote this story and he knows the beginning and the end. God always wins!

Now in my Foodie loving world i’m on the hunt for cookie recipes for my husband, he loves any jelly filled or type of cookies so I want to get some recipes to try out and see if he likes any. If I find a good one or two I may even try them for my cookie swap i’m looking forward to next month :). If your interested in a national type of cookie swap take a look at this site: (http://veronicascornucopia.com/2012/10/15/are-you-ready-for-a-cookie-swap/) she’s conducting a project on this.

Hope your day is full of His Love and Joy!





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