Christmas – Super Hero Jesus

Hello everyone! So looks like Christmas is almost here, so exciting! I was meditating on the word while listening to worship from IHOPKC and this song that really made me just break down and think. It was Matt Gilman in the prayer room with Worship with the Word

“Ten thousands times ten thousand Angels singing “You’re the only One who is found Worthy ten thousand times ten thousand Angels sing this song…God you became a Man you took on flesh and your so beautiful…”

I can just picture all the millions of Angels in heaven rejoicing and saying “YES look for the only one found worthy has been born!” and then I can picture Mary there holding Jesus in her arms after birth and hear her soft whisper “Your so beautiful” like a mother says to her newborn child.

I sometimes can’t grasp how much God loves us that he let his only son become Flesh (Man) to rescue this world. He came in the most humble form, a baby…I just love Christmas so much, not only does it remind us to be so grateful to our Father for giving us such a gift of salvation, but just a reminder to continue even throughout the rest of the year to remember the “one” who is found worthy and what price he paid to leave his throne in heaven to come to be our Super Hero.

I can’t wait until he returns again as things around us on this earth continue to fall apart, it’s just a reminder that he will be back again just like a Super Hero. What better super hero than Jesus with eyes of Fire and riding on a cloud like seriously what hero do you know can do that? No one because not one is REAL, but see Jesus is real. He’s not a story book character he’s a real man (Fully Man/Fully God). We must continue to press in and cry out for his return even during this Christmas season we continue to pray and wait.

He came as a LAMB the first time but he will be back as a LION.

I pray you all have a Blessed Christmas!


I did two birthday cupcake orders and one cookie order for Christmas thought to share the photos…hope you like 🙂

Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies

christmas 001

Race Car Themed Cupcakes

christmas 002

Chocolate Chip cookies all bundled up!

christmas 003

Western Theme Cupcakes with little Lasso Rope Toppers I made. “Yee-Haw”



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