New Year, New Thirst

It’s been so long since I’ve been on here. A lot has happened in 2014….I was blessed again with a little baby boy January 14, 2014 which makes me a mama of 3 little ones well 2 wee ones and one pre-teen. We named this little ball of sunshine Josiah Lucas. He is such an amazing little boy (yes I have my mom goggles on) he is literally always smiling and laughing. I’ve never seen a child so happy and I long to be that way.


Josiah Lucas

I look at him and just can’t help to think wow what God probably would want us to be at all times but we let the world drag us down with sadness and worry.

Anyway, so I’m looking at what should be my “New Year’s Resolution” and I got this heaviness in my heart to get my home into gear to be more into God’s word and learning and seeking out Jesus. To know Him more and know what his heart is trying to tell us in this time. See I want my children to be equipped to hear his voice. I need them to have a heart equipped to go through hard days that are ahead of us. As much as some try to ignore it, we are living in the end times. The signs are everywhere and I can’t help but want to be ready and want my family ready too. I just want Jesus to come already and make everything new again!


Seek The Lord While He May Be Found Call Upon Him While He Is Near. – Isaiah 55:6

I’m starting a bible study on the book of John, I’ve signed up for it at this website called I’ve fallen so in love with this website and love their study journals and packs they sell. The journals have a section to doodle out the word,  if that’s your thing. Which for me is so my thing LOL, I love coloring and doodling! They even have an app now that reminds you to study the word, which God knows I needed because of so much running around I do with work and kids I really end up forgetting or getting lazy and skip days. This is something I’ve been praying about, to be faithful in the small things to keep enduring and pressing forward. I’m tired of doing things half way, and this is me being totally honest. I’m human and yes I make mistakes but God still looks at me everyday and says “My daughter, I still love you”….it’s hard to hear that whisper of his voice over the loud world but I’m learning day by day that in order to hear him I have to stop letting other things fill my ears with sound (TV, Social Media,…etc.) I want this year to be one I sit quietly and limit the amount of noise I hear to be more sensitive to his voice.


                     Mi Familia

So here’s to 2015,Praying to  the Lord for Grace and Strength to keep running this race, with my Husband and three musketeers!

Many Blessings,


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