My Great Reward

Buenos Dia!

(Have to practice my Spanish…hehe!) you don’t use it, you lose it and to think it was my first language.

An elderly woman sat right next to me on the train today. The trains have been so crammed these days since Sandy the super storm strolled on through the metro area, but anyway let me not get side tracked here. Ok so she opens her devotional and begins to read Psalms 19 this stuck out at me this morning so I quickly made my way into work. I was eager to read it. There is something so rich and special with the Psalms! I love how David was so in love with God and how it shows so much in his writings. This is one thing I yearn for to have a heart like his and always want to go deeper and deeper to know God’s heart. So I’m here reading it and I started to think wow this chapter right here is a guide it tells us what to do to keep or reward. Our reward is Jesus and I took it as a guide for us to use to keep our reward that God the father has promised us. In Verses 7-9 it begins to list:

 Law of the LORD = perfect, converting the soul

Testimony of the LORD = sure, making wise the simple

Statues of the LORD = are right, rejoicing the heart

Commandments of the LORD = is pure, enlightening the eyes

Fear of the LORD = is clean, enduring forever

Judgments of the LORD = are true, and righteous altogether

 This is like a TO DO LIST what we need to DO so we get to see our GREAT REWARD. We are to desire these things more than anything, it says in Verse 10  10 “More to be desired are they than gold, Yea, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.”

And then in Verse 11 there is our Father’s mercy warning us telling us to keep it and this is what will happen.11” Moreover by them Your servant is warned, And in keeping them there is great reward.”

 This just made me really examine my heart more and I was like whoa God ok I need to lay myself down my wants and let God put what he wants in us all our desires that align up with his purpose, and then I feel a sudden whisper in my heart “Because it’s not about me in this end plan. Everything is for You Jesus everything I say, do, or want has to be for YOU”.

 As much as I want to do things on my own I need to realize that I cant’ do it all alone. I was not made that way. I want to grow more dependant on God and stop thinking that hey I can do this, I can get it all together all on my own. We need to realize that God made us to be in commune with Him and that’s why we were created to depend on him and He loves this he’s a father. What parent out there feels that sudden brick on their heart when you come to realize your little one is growing up so fast and suddenly thinks they don’t need your help anymore to get dressed, eat,…etc. It’s great to be independent but we need to remember that God is always there for us like a Father. He knows when and what you need even before you even think it so just let His will be done in your life because like he says in his word there will be a great reward.

 Verse 14 is the prayer that really clarified that whisper.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in YOUR sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer.

 Now as a side subject here BAKING!  I received my matches for The Cookie Swap 2012″  this week and I’m so AMPed to get to share some of my cookies with new people throughout the US 🙂 Woo for Cookies! Holidays always make me crave cookies.

 Here are some pictures of cookies I’ve made in the past now I need to choose which ones to bake up.  Any suggestions? New recipes? Feel free to share. I love trying new things.

Pumpkin Snicerdoodles

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Banana Chocolate Chips

Banana Chocolate Chips

Alfajores (Dulce de leche Sandwich Cookies)

Alfajores (Dulce de leche Sandwich Cookies)

Strawberry Jam Top cookies

Strawberry Jam Top cookies

I went to a baby shower this past weekend had so much FUN. It felt so good to be around women who really love God they are so down to earth I really do LOVE being around them! Since I have this love (addiction) for anything cupcakes I decided to make baby cupcakes made out of baby clothes. I found this on Pinterest a long time ago and have been waiting for the right moment to make them. It’s really so simple. Here’s the link to the blog I found the instructions on ( I took a try at it and was successful woo!

Recipe Card

Samuel’s Recipe Card

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Hope you Enjoy Samuel

Hope you Enjoy Samuel

Have a blessed day everyone, and joyous baking!




Light up my path O’Lord

I was sitting on the train on my way to work this morning  and I usually doze off and take my mini nap. Waking up everyday at 4:30 AM is not easy and with the soothing sound of the train I tend to lean my head to the side and just close my eyes to take a little breather from the morning chaos, but this morning for some reason I stood up didn’t feel sleepy at all. I’ve been feeling kind of down. Well it’s because I recently put a little notice out on the social media about if anyone is looking to place any orders for baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, etc…) and I haven’t gotten any feedback at all yet and I vented to my husband that maybe I’m just not cut out to do this or maybe no one really likes my baking. Thank you God that he is being so supportive..poor guy even tries to soothe my woes and just tells me to be patient give it time it’ll come around….Love Him for being so understanding with me at times like these.

Any way, as I was sitting in that stuffy train car I was looking around me looking at each person coming in and out of the train at each stop and I noticed one thing that 90% of what everyone was doing and it was RUSHING. Everyone has this look of rush (stress, worry…) pacing looking at their watches and phones to check the time. No sense of peace at all in the atmosphere it was just not a joyous feeling coming from anyone.

Then the word RUSH just stuck in my mind….RUSH?…..why do we all rush so much? I asked in my heart God why do we rush for everything is it even right to be this way? “What does God say about Rush?” I actually stuck this question in GOOGLE search engine and a ton of info came up. I know as a believer that rushing isn’t of God I know because I was raised with it but I feel like I’m not living it though like NOT walking it out because I do rush for many things.  Rushing leads to being easily disappointed, discouraged, selfish, confused, frustrated, worried, and untrusting of God which sums up all to be SINS…this blew my mind. So by being a rush-a-holic it easily lets the enemy take this and run with it and cause complete chaos in your mind. There was so many people in the bible that rushed and it never ever ended completely well…. (ex: Sara and the whole rushing Abraham to have a baby deal…Genesis 16:2, 21 1-14, 15:4-21:21)

While I was thinking of writing this post I realize yeah I want to have my little baking side business up and popping already cause it’s one of my heart desires, but I can not rush it. It has to be up to God’s timing. See I don’t want to do this whole baking deal for just financial gain, yes money helps but money comes and goes and what I want is to use this gift God gave me for his purpose not for my own selfish need or want. I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t align up with what he wants and I just know in my heart that with time and his favor it will come to bloom. Just be patient and trust God because there is always a bigger picture that our minds just can’t grasp.

So seriously lets all just take a moment to stop and ask God to just put his heart desires in our hearts instead and it’s guaranteed all else will fall into place and all worries, frustrations, etc…will melt away like sugar in the rain. We will eventually get to work, school, home without having to rush.

Have a Blessed Day!